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Art is a universal language which invokes a sense of aesthetic pleasure in everyone. India, a rich and diverse culture, has art amalgamated with tradition in abundance, thereby, giving it the global appeal and ingenuity. Since times immemorial, art has evolved and preserved cultures and we aim to do just that.

GoKraftly is more than just another e-commerce store. It is a place which tries to bridge the gap between the people and the exclusive craft of the city of Taj. The first of its kind store to sell stone inlay marble craft, embroidery, wooden craft online. GoKraftly aims to take the Indian handicraft on a global platform, which is accessible to people internationally ensuring better price for both the buyers and the artisans.

The artisans put their talent, experience, and creativity in producing these unique aesthetics. GoKraftly is a genuine initiative to promote and improve the craftsmanship and livelihood of these artisans who need the exposure, thereby, fitting in the gaps of efficiency and transparency.

  • It is not just about sales but also the dialogues exchanged between the producers and patrons, thus enabling the artisan to produce the artefact customised to the connoisseur's taste.
  • It is an attempt to give recognition to the faceless artisan.
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"Because every handcrafted object has a story to tell"


GoKraftly has received wide acclaim as an online facet of an organization with a long history spanning over a century.

The organization has achieved tremendous recognition from the Mughal period, British period to the present times; having received numerous certificates, awards & recommendations.

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